So, this is me.

My name is Allyn, but you probably already knew that. I am a wife, mom, photographer and dance teacher.  I married my high school sweetheart five years ago in the sweetest, smallest southern wedding, complete with fried chicken and sweet tea. Together, we get to be parents to three of the silliest, wildest boys you will ever meet, so of course I spend a lot of my spare time talking about trains and bugs and playing in the sand box. I love iced coffee, guacamole, crocheting, finding great deals, eating outside, fall, fresh flowers in my kitchen, oatmeal colored sweaters, and quiet nights at home. I like sugar in my coffee and friends in my home. 


These are the boys.

Yes, three boys. Max, Drew, and our newest little guy, Jake. 

My little loves. My wild guys. My snuggle buddies. My whole world and all my joy.

The big boys are usually covered in cookie or some other messy food, and their bed head usually stays all day, but we sure have a lot of fun. Max loves trains and marine life (yes, really) and Drew loves bulldozers and his bunny (and anything Max loves). If you can't get dirty doing it, they probably aren't interested. You can usually find them covering Jake with kisses or getting into trouble together. You can usually find Jake sleeping. 


This is my husband.

His name is Nick, and he spends a lot of time avoiding my camera, but he is my biggest fan and I love to dream up crazy plans with him.  He is a hard working hardware store employee who loves to come home and hold his boys and adventure with us. He usually smells like sawdust and grease (the kind from an engine, not the kind from a french fry) and I love that. This guy is my greatest encouragement but he also keeps me grounded. He's been my best friend and my honey since we were just 14 and 17, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

What's your story? I can't wait to hear it.