let's embrace the village

Last week was hard for me. Like the kind of hard that made me want to crawl into a dark corner and stay there, away from the world, away from everyone.And I tried to do just that for a little bit. After several long weeks, last week was the one that broke the camel's back. I remember thinking that I should be stronger than that, and I just needed to get it together. I tried to tell myself I was overreacting and that bad things and bad days happen (they do). 

The world tells us that we should deny our emotions unless they are happy ones. That it isn't ok to cry. We have to be strong. As an adult, I have cried in public very few times, and all of those are an embarrassment to me, which is just plain wrong. We should be embracing these emotions!

Last week, I pulled it together long enough to reach out to a few friends, and I am so glad I did. They met me where I was, some literally showing up on my doorstep. Prayed for me. Cooked us dinner and brownies. Took care of my boys while I took care of myself for a little bit. Listened to me cry (and you know what? that was ok. and I wasn't embarrassed). I am so thankful for those friends, the sweet ladies who ran to my side just because I was having a hard day. And I hope they would reach out to me in their need, too. 

Mommas, we don't have to do this alone. It is ok to have a hard day, and it is ok to ask for help. Motherhood is not simple or easy. It is full of joy, but there are days that it is hard to pull yourself out of the kitchen floor, too. I want it to be ok to share these things. We are so sure of ourselves as we share fun trips and experiences, first steps and words, funny stories and sweet moments. But what about the hard stuff? Can we make it the norm to share that stuff too? Without judgement? Without guilt? We all know it is hard, so let's try to just do it together, mommas, even if we aren't doing it the same way. Let's be honest and real with each other, because I bet you that somebody will understand and love you through it and not one person should judge you. Even if your bad day is caused by burned lunch and chapstick in the laundry and a leaky diaper. 

It truly takes a village. Let's embrace that.