the howards: family session

Oh, this family. They have claimed such a special place in my heart. Misty and Derrick were the very first couple to allow me in, having me take their maternity photos six months ago. Their maternity session was the session that showed me that I could do this, and that I loved it. I remember driving home after taking their photos, almost in tears because I had truly realized my dream for this, and I loved it. I am forever thankful for this couple, this family.

Over the weekend, I got the chance to take some photos of the three of them, with Tucker, who is now five months old! That may be one of the best things about being a photographer: having the opportunity to capture important moments of families as they love, get married, and grow. Tucker is the sweetest baby, y'all. And I love seeing Misty and Derrick as parents to him, but still so in love with each other. That is what it is all about. Derrick cannot look at Misty without smiling, I promise you, and it is just so, so good.

We went out to their family's farm land to take these, and it was an absolutely beautiful fall evening. There is just something about North Carolina farm country and families and babies...some of my favorite things.