five things

1. It is November and I love November. It is probably my very favorite month. Since I love November so much, I am discounting any session that is booked during this month! Let's talk about it!

2. I am absolutely itching to decorate something for Christmas. Yes, I love November and Thanksgiving, but I am dying to smell the Christmas smells and feel the Christmas warmth. Someone I know said the other day, "is it ever too early to celebrate the birth of our Savior?" No, no it isn't. Good point. 

3. I get to go with a sweet engaged couple to a tree farm on Friday for their engagement photos, which I am sure will not help one bit with my Christmas fever.

4. The boys played together nicely all day yesterday. They talk to each other all day every day. They are best friends and I love it so much. I love watching them get to know each other and learn what it's like to be brothers.

5. Life has been pretty busy lately, but I have started doing a few things every day to make sure  these fleeting moments with the boys don't get by me and that I don't lose my sanity, and y'all? It is working. I get up and have some quiet time with Max every morning, which usually includes a book to read together or a short movie, some coffee for me and some juice for him, and most importantly, no phone. I also put away all the technology every day around dinner time. The witching hour is so much more manageable when I just focus on the boys and making dinner and not on anything else at all. Thanks to Jess Connolly for this survival technique. It really works. 

I hope you have the greatest Wednesday! Now for some random photos too!

^ They thought this was the best thing. I told them it was bed time, so they both bolted to their room. I came in and found them like this.