The Taylors : Family Session

Meet the Taylors! I have known Alicia for quite a while...we were friends in middle school! And now we are both grown up with husbands and families. I loved seeing her being a mother to her three sweet little ones yesterday during our session! Aly is the sweetest little lady, but has no problem keeping up with her twin brother, Jack. Together or apart, they are so much fun. And little Colton...gosh, he is the cutest thing. They all lovingly refer to him as "Butterball" and he gets a ton of love from his big brother and sister. 

We just let the kids run around and play in their back yard, and I am so glad they were able to have some of fun while we also got some photos that their momma loves. This session was full of giggling, bare feet, grass covered clothes, tree climbing, family quilts and big smiles...the stuff my photography dreams are made of! 

This quilt was made by Jack, Aly and Colton's great grandmother, and it was so beautiful.