Apparently I have accidentally started a "thing" to post on Tuesdays. I posted a review of our day last week on Tuesday, too. Tuesday may be my favorite day.

Today was one of those really average, normal, plain days that was really perfect and wonderful. 

Woke up super early.

Laid in bed until the boys woke up, thinking about life and praying.

Shared a bowl of cereal with Drew in the sling. It was kind of dreamy.


Snuggled with Max and watched Toy Story while Drew played.

Held/wore Drew for the rest of the day (the poor kid has a cold, or allergies, or something that is making him feel yucky).

Read books to the boys for a long time, sitting in the floor in the living room.

Re-arranged those flowers Chelsea brought a few weeks ago so I could keep them a little longer.

Made blue box macaroni for lunch and loved it.

Took a ton of photos.

Played with Bo and Gus for a while.

Didn't wash any dishes.

Failed at cleaning the house in general (but I DID wash diapers. Win.).

Couldn't find my keys when it was time to go to my parents' to teach guitar.

...So we walked. And it was glorious.

Taught guitar lessons to three great girls who all did wonderfully. I am a proud big sister.

Ate kettle corn for a snack.

Talked to my mom for a few minutes.

Went to eat Mexican (hallelujah) with the in-laws for dinner.

Got the boys in bed by 9:00!

Took a bath and used this super amazing soap that I got from Tara in my parcel exchange package this month.

Edited these photos.

Blogged. Of course.

...and now...gratitude journaling and bed.

I hope you had a wonderful day, too!