five things friday

1. I have my eye on these red Saltwaters. I have tan ones that I have worn almost every days since they arrived on my doorstep. These may be waiting until my birthday, but I am already so excited about them!

2. My sister, Chelsea, took some beautiful photos at Merle Fest last weekend. She has posted several of them this week and this post is my favorite. She also took some sweet portraits of my mom, my sisters and I while we were there and they are so lovely. I love that they are taken right in the middle of a crowded festival and you can't even tell.  You should go check all of her photography out.

3. I have been trying to go back to not shampooing my hair (yes, again), and the transition to that has been rough at best. So instead of just looking nasty, I have decided to attempt to cover up the bad hair. Enter the headband. I found these great ones at Walmart of all places for less than $4 each. I can't find the exact ones I have on their website, but they look sort of like this. I still look sloppy when I wear them, but sloppy is better than dirty!

4. We kept my friend's little girl, Eleanor, this morning and it made me so thankful for my friends. I couldn't ask for better ones. It's so good to have friends that are like family, and I love their kids, too. I'm not sure I have ever valued friendship in my life as much as I do right now.

5. Speaking of friends, Chelsea, Stephanie and I have this group text message going that is pretty perfect. We use it for prayer, encouragement and just to talk, and it has blessed my socks off, no kidding. I'm glad to have those girls to be honest with, and to be held accountable by. You should start a group text message of your own! I highly recommend it!

Happy Friday, friends!