dear Max

Dear Max, 

My goodness, what a day we had. It rained so much today, and me and you? We loved it. I know you surely enjoy a good sunny day so you can play in your sand box or just run around doing little boy things. But you are also like your momma in that you love rainy days, probably even more than sunny days. We could use more of them, really. 

This morning started off with some blanket and movie time on the couch while Drew slept in late. Coffee for me, and juice for you, just like always. I love waking up early with you and talking with you in the mornings, spending time together, just us. I hope it's something we still do even when you get older. Today, you kept running to the door and opening it just a little, listen closely for a brief second, then announce to me if it was raining or not. When it was, your whole face would light up and the excitement in your voice was unmistakable. 

We went about our daily and Drew playing, me cleaning, all of us eating lunch together. Then Drew took a nap. You settled in for some quiet time on the couch, and I attempted to sneak out onto the patio to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee, but it wasn't long until you discovered me. I heard the door open, and turned to see you wearing your Daddy's crocs, a T-shirt, underwear and a smirk, trying your best to sneak out with me. I just smiled and welcomed you, because I couldn't bring myself to tell you to head back in. We stayed under the eves of the house to stay dry for a little bit. You found a snail, clinging for dear life to the siding, and my goodness, boy, to hear you talk to that little snail. "Oh, hey little snail! You are a tiny little snail! You don't move very fast but it's ok because you are tiny and when you get big and big you can go faster and faster and fast like Turbo." I hope I never forget the way your sweet little voice sounds when you talk like that. You run out of breath with each sentence because you are just so very excited, so you breath deep and keep talking, fast. Your eyes get wider with every word.  Everything you say is important, buddy, and it is almost always something that makes me laugh. 

After a few minutes of resisting the temptations of rain coming down and puddles everywhere, you finally started inching your way out from under the protection of the eves, and I just let you. Once you figured out that it was okay for you to play, you just went for it. Tongue out, face towards the open sky, catching as many rain drops as you could and giggling and shouting, "mommy, rain is like water!" The joy just erupted from your sweet little face, and you danced around happy, in your Daddy's too big shoes. 

I laughed and laughed at you, funny boy, my silly boy. I laughed because of your innocence and the pure joy that something as simple as catching rain drops on your tongue brought you. I laughed as I snapped a few photos of you, enjoying the weather that most people around here were probably cursing. I am so glad that I captured a little bit of that joy so that I won't ever forget how happy the rain makes you. So that I can remember how much joy those simple things should bring us all! 

You teach me so much. You teach me that the little moments are really the most important, and that we can count it all joy, finding little bits of happy even in simple, seemingly meaningless things. The funny thing is, you are teaching me these things without knowing it, but they are things I hope I can remind you of as you grow up, even when you start to forget them again. 

My sweet boy, my first little love, I hope you always find joy in the rain, and in all the simple things in life. Even in things that may not seem very joyful. Thank you so much for always keeping a smile on my face.

I love you, buddy, to the moon and back.