thankfulness thursday

Happy Thursday! I am so thankful today. It has been a busy week but such a good one. We spent it going on small family adventures, snuggling my babies (and my baby cousin), dancing, cooking, spending time with family, and just soaking up life. It has been the simplest and the best. 

Here's my thankful list for the week:

  • Tweetsie days with the boys (so many sweet photos to share with you soon!)
  • Sunday breakfast with my parents and sisters
  • Getting creative and choreographing a lyrical combination for my summer dance class girls
  • feeling like myself. thank you, dance, I've missed you.
  • exciting opportunities for people I love, doing things they love.
  • feeling inspired to pick up my camera way way more often 
  • feeling inspired to to photograph someone (besides my boys...let me take your picture?)
  • more ballerina hugs
  • being employed and actually, truly loving my job. Ever second of it. 
  • lots of clean laundry 
  • couch time with my boys (this is rare...I hardly ever sit down)
  • my husband
  • cereal sharing with Drew
  • teaching Max all about playdough
  • delicious dinner, cooked with my in laws
  • a sort of clean house
  • the Lord's provisions
  • Chelsea and Stephanie
  • a sweet baby girl on the way for a friend...thankful for her and her momma
  • all the iced coffee
  • PIE!
  • rainy days
  • sweet and encouraging friends all around

...and so much more! 

What are you thankful for?