a day at granny and poppy's

We just got back from a fantastic vacation in Banner Elk, NC, and it was so relaxing and exactly what we all needed. I cleaned out old files and edited photos from as far back as March (I had no idea what I was doing...and probably still don't!)...and I came across these photos from a day spent at my Granny and Poppy's house in April. I could't help but share these. 

I love being at Granny and Poppy's house. I spent the first three years of my life living right next door to them, and the rest of my childhood was spent running and biking barefoot through their woods, making "forts" out of downed trees, and eating blackberries right off the bush. I remember running in from the car with my brother in the cold weather, and straight to stand on the hearth with our backs to the fire. We ate toasted cheese sandwiches and Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes. Granny's house was where we helped decorate the Christmas tree and spent hours sledding (on the fastest sleds in the world...think speeds like in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, ok? Complete with spray silicone and restaurant booth cushions) in the winters and chomped down banana popsicles on the swing in the shade in the summers. Those memories are some of the most vivid ones of my childhood, and I love going up there with the boys, now, to spend hours just losing track of time.

I am still tempted to take my shoes off and run through their yard every time I am there.