Nicole and her littles: family session

Nicole is one of my favorite people. She and I were best friends from first grade through middle school, then somehow we lost touch. I was so glad that when my family and I moved back to Wilkes that we were able to reconnect! I am blessed to call her my best friend again. We often joke about how we used to have matching outfits in second grade (they included bike shorts, a swing top, and yes, even a can thank me for that hilariousness later) and now we have matching double jogging strollers.

She is a fantastic wife to her husband, Zack, and the best of mommas to her three littles: Caroline, Roman and Eleanor. Everyone who knows her will tell you that she is really super mom. Really. She is. This lady will take anything life throws at her...the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful...and handle it with nothing but grace and a smile. And she will probably bake a loaf of banana bread for everyone while she's at it. She gives her all, all the time. I am happy to call her my friend. You won't find a better one. 

Nicole is not just a diaper changing, bread baking, happy child making, sign language teaching super mom. She is also a photographer herself! I am so glad that I finally got her (and her sweet kids) out from behind her own camera and in front of mine.