thankfulness thursday

Is it already Thursday again? We had a long weekend with husband home (which never happens) so the weekend passed super quickly, and this week has flown by, too! I am so thankful, today and always. 

This week, I am thankful for:

  • long weekends with my sweet family
  • dinner with my in laws
  • dinner at my parents' house on Sunday
  • "Let's All Be Brave"...are you reading it? Have you read it? It is seriously a game changer and I would highly recommend that you check it out!
  • continuous support from so many people
  • veggie chili
  • a successful full night's sleep for Drew, two nights in a row
  • my husband. always.
  • ^^he goes to the grocery store for me. Apparently that is my new love language.
  • being able to make myself slow down in the has saved my sanity.
  • park trips with my boys
  • clean floors
  • all the iced coffee
  • morning light
  • this blog post by Rachel Kincaid
  • She Reads Truth
  • girls who make me more intentional about EVERYTHING and pray for me while I am at it.
  • some exciting photo sessions coming up!

Do you practice gratitude? I would love to hear about how you are intentionally grateful and what you are grateful for!