my big, brave move

Well, here we go!

Welcome to the official home of Allyn Brown Photography! 

I remember an assignment from seventh grade English class. We were asked to write our own obituary, highlighting our family, accomplishments, and even the cause of our death (morbid, I know). I don't remember much about what I wrote regarding my family or life, other than that I was a successful photographer and died when I slipped and fell into a waterfall while shooting for the prestigious National Geographic. 

A lot of things have changed since then. I graduated from Nursing school, got married, and had two babies. But the photography bug that I caught in middle school has never left me. Almost two years ago, my sweet, ever supportive husband bought me my first "big" camera. I got it simply because it would take photos quickly, not knowing where it would lead me.

Last year over Thanksgiving, I decided I wanted this to be my job, but I kept it a secret for the most part. I was scared, if we are being honest. Photos are like art to me, and it was scary to put them out there...for people to actually see them. What if nobody liked them? What if someone paid me to take their photos and then hated them? And let's not forget how many people are trying to break into the world of photography right now. So many. Why would someone choose me?

Then I read this blog post and it changed the way I thought about all of that. God gave this to me to do. He is in control. If he wants me to succeed, I will. 

And then I read Let's All Be Brave, and I decided...I am going to do this. I am. (PS please read that book. You have to. Ok? Ok.) 

So here it is. My big, brave move.

I have been casually, slowly, carefully testing the waters as a family a lifestyle photographer for several months now. Booking an occasional photo session if I am asked to, posting them here, on this blog. But never saying, "I am a photographer! That is my job!" The coolest part is how much support and love I have received along the way. Love and support that can only be explained by the fact that my Father in Heaven knows that I need it so he has granted me that, and from people that I did not necessarily expect it from. I cannot deny it. And thanks to all that love and support, I get to announce...

 Thanks to my brother, Tucker (who is a super talented designer that you can find over on  Timber Hitch ) for this fantastic new logo!

Thanks to my brother, Tucker (who is a super talented designer that you can find over on Timber Hitch) for this fantastic new logo!

I am now booking lifestyle and portrait sessions! 

I can't wait to see where this goes, and I really hope you will stick around and see it happen with me.