Ruby is nine

I am lucky enough to be the big sister to six siblings. One brother, five sisters...and one of the coolest things is how individual we all are. Ruby loves music and can sing all the words and the correct tune of a song after hearing it only once. She can also quote every line from every movie she has ever seen. She loves bright colors and her curls are perfection. Ruby keeps us all laughing, but that is an understatement. She has this spirit about her that is wild and free, untamable, but yet she is so sweet. 

I decided I would take all my sisters out for a little mini session for each of their birthdays, and yesterday was Ruby's day! 

We went out exploring towards the lake, and we had a blast.

Happy (late) Birthday, Ruby! I hope your ninth year is the best yet!

Bonous photo: this was just too sweet. I can't help it...