the jones': family session

Meet the Jones family: Grace, Kevin, and Baby Mac. It is almost Mac's first birthday, so we did a cute little family session in the middle of a big field to celebrate, of course! He may be the cutest, happiest baby I have ever met. 

These photos have been making me emotional since I started really planning them about a week ago. Why? Because Grace is a long time friend of mine who now lives an hour and a half away from me. She and her family drove for at least three hours total on Saturday just to come here so I could take their pictures. Because Grace is one of those forever friends that you might not see very often, but when you are together, things just pick up right where we left off. Because these sweet, dear friends of mine have always been 100% behind anything I have ever adventured into and she always believes in me. Because I have loved this curly headed, happy little baby boy of hers since before she was even pregnant with him. I texted her husband constantly during his delivery, prayed for him, and cried so many tears when I knew he had finally arrived. And I got to meet and hold him on Saturday before this session for the first time, and nearly cried again. 

Happy first birthday, Mac, Macaroni, Mr. Mac, Mac Truck (as my Max calls him)! 

(and yes. i know. his curls are the best!)