2015: an update after January

January is over (almost). February is here(here). Thoughts of snow have disappeared here in the south (but we still may get some) and all I can think about is sunshine and Saltwater sandals.  

This is the part where I usually fall off the bandwagon of resolutions along with the rest of everybody. But this year is different. I am NOT GIVING UP. 

When I wrote up my goals for 2015 I made an effort to make it different, so this year is different. And you know what? Making those changes? It is working. Some of my goals haven't really even been put into motion yet, but that is to be expected. I can't do it all at once, and that's ok. BUT the ones that I can do now are making a huge difference that I can feel and see. 

Meal planning has been the best thing for our family. When I wasn't meal planning, I would start to cook supper and then not know what I wanted. I would ask Nick, and he would say he didn't care. Then I would get frustrated and stare into the refrigerator trying to figure out what to make with my very limited cooking skills for way too long until we all gave in and headed out to a restaurant. By that point everyone was too hungry, and the boys were tired so their behavior was less than perfect. It was stressful and caused a lot more arguments and frustrating evenings than I would care to admit. Now? I have a plan. I start dinner on time. I don't dread grocery shopping as much. And we are eating much healthier than we were before.

Taking time for my husband has been wonderful. We went on a date in January and are already planning our February date...I am so excited. We actually get to talk without interruptions. Ha!

Other things like putting my phone and computer down for a few hours every evening, reading my Bible almost every day, cooking dinner at home, and taking time to play with the boys every day have really helped me to be more present, have more patience, and be a better mom and wife. That sounds extreme, but it is definitely true. When I find myself losing patience, it is usually because I am trying to do too much, even if "too much" involves Facebook or a text message that could definitely wait.

I have had a few bad days. I will be honest. Sometimes I still lose patience, or forget to put my phone down in the evenings. Thankfully His mercies are new each morning, and we get to start over and try again. 

This month I am hoping to make habits out of the changes I have started to make so that they stick, and check a few other things off my list. 

February is going to be great. 

(Also...a few photos from a fun evening at home- our new normal!)