October goals

I feel like every single month I am shocked at how quickly the last one went by. Isn't that how it goes? That is exactly why I am just now posting my October goals. And that is exactly why I post my goals each month! It keeps me intentional and reminds me of the things I need to work on. 

1. Maintain a happy home. This means keep it tidy, keep it functioning, make it a place of sanctuary for us, enjoy life at home, and figure out what isn't working and make it work (or at least make a plan for that). 

2. Read "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up." I have been hearing the best things about this book for a year or so? And this is the month I am going to finally read it. 

3. Dress in happiness daily. Natalie started this "get dressed and feel great project" in 2014, and I love the idea of it. You can follow along with me on Instagram (#allyndressesinhappinessdaily)

4. Have quiet down time with our boys daily. Our schedule for October is slightly insane, and that means we are going going going all the time. What that means is that our down time needs to really be down time, and we need to make time to just be together.  

5. Set up a time and space for work. Ok, so that is really two things. My fall photography schedule and editing situation means that I need a space to sit and work, and also a time to sit and work. I have already started working on my desk space and making it more functional! My sister in law, Chelsea, is also a photographer, and just started having set work hours and she is loving it. My schedule needs to change a little every day and week, but I want to plan it out at the beginning of each week based on my needs! 

6. Use my camera at home. It never fails. When it gets busy, I don't pull out my big camera at home near as much (or ever). I am going to try to post some of my favorite photos here once a weaker so!

October is my favorite month (and November and December), and I am so excited about what it holds for me and my family this year. I'm glad I have these lovely goals to help me make the most of it! What are your goals this month?