dressing in happiness

At the beginning of October, I ran across the #dressinhappinessdaily project that Natalie started, thanks to an Instagram post by my sister in law. After reading a little about it, I fell in love with the idea. I decided to add it to my October goals, and even created a hashtag (#allyndressesinhappinessdaily). I didn't realize what an impact that would have on my life. 

The idea is to get out of the yoga pants and wear clothes that make you happy. Every. Single. Day. 

I am VERY far from a fashion blogger. I usually think long and hard about clothing purchases, even small ones, and I ask everyone's opinions before I buy anything. I have never been a very confident dresser. Not in my teenaged years, not in college, not as a wife and a mom. I feel like I never know what to wear. And lately that has translated into lots of days in yoga pants and t-shirts for everything from taking Max to preschool to grocery shopping to teaching dance. When I dress that way, I don't feel prepared for the day, but instead? I feel thrown together and defeated from the first step out the door. 

I joked with my sister in law that I would do the challenge, but without the outfit posts on Instagram. The next day, thanks to her encouragement, I posted one anyway, from the Goodwill dressing room. I am thrilled to say that I spent the whole month of October (minus one cheat day) dressed in happiness. Dressed in clothes that I like, that fit well, that help me get the jobs done that need doing. I even try to coordinate with whatever baby wearing device I will be using that day!

I actually bought a few new things (and a few things from thrift stores) to fill in holes that this challenge made me realize. I bought a dress, a new pair of leggings to teach dance in, three long sleeved shirts, a pair of jeans, a sweater, a scarf, and a coat...and I spent very little money. I found new ways to pair clothes together so that I have a plethora of outfits without having very many pieces. 

Photo Oct 24.jpeg

The most important thing is how this project is effecting me. Natalie says that dressing in happiness daily makes her feel pretty, ready for what's ahead, capable, and worth it. I think that is pretty spot on. Y'all know how much I love Jess Connolly ...and her advice to get it done is to "put your shoes on"...and I can't believe I am just now realizing how much my wardrobe, my clothes, how I put myself together each and every day, effect my attitude and my ability to make things happen. 

In November, I am keeping this up. There are a few more pieces I think I need to add to my wardrobe, and I plan on cleaning out a ton of things that don't bring the joy (how appropriate that I am also starting in on Konmari-ing our home this month?!) Join me?