dear drew: two years old

Here we are. Your second birthday. Is it weird that this one is a little harder for me than your first birthday? This is the birthday that tells me that you are really not much of a baby anymore. You will stop wearing diapers soon and your babble will become even more recognizable than it already is. You are a toddler.

I am so glad that you still like for me to hold you and like to be snuggled in the sling pretty often. You fell asleep in it today when we were shopping and it made me so happy to hold you so close while you slept two years after I held you for the first time. You still wake up in the middle of the night and need me at least once a week. Confession: I usually just go get you and take you straight to mine and Daddy's bed and hold you all night. I might not sleep quite as well since you are sort of a bed hog, but it is worth it. There isn't much that feels more amazing than holding you while you sleep. That is the one time that you are absolutely, certainly still my baby. 

Right now your favorite things in the world are Daddy, anything to do with a farm, cleaning up, Curious George and Daniel Tiger, hot dogs, cereal with milk, and trains. You are talking SO much. Sentences that are really very understandable. You sing little songs like "Happy Birthday" and the clean up song, and you say "God is Great" pretty well! I am so proud of how smart you are, my dear boy. 

You are also easily one of the kindest humans that I know. If your brother gets hurt you immediately run to the freezer to get his boo boo buddy and put it on him. You rub his back while he cries and asks if he's ok. You really live up to your nickname, Drew Bear. Just like a sweet little teddy bear. You greet people in the store and ask "how're you?" You are quiet sometimes, especially around people that you don't know very well, but you are very observant, and when you do speak, it is only sweet words that let people know you are paying attention or very polite ones.  How do you know what to say? You always do, even at two years of age. You are somehow a wise old soul and a silly little boy at the same time. 

This year is going to be great. I'm excited to hear all the new words you will learn and teach you even more about life, experience so many joyful moments with you, and I am excited to see how you will adjust to not only being the little brother, but also to being a big brother to Jake. You talk to him every day and I know you are going to love him so much. This year, I am sure you will get into a lot of trouble with Max, but that is just part of being little, and you will learn, I know it. Just remember I will love you always, no matter how many picture frames you break or how many walls you color on. 

Stay little for as long as you can, buddy. Please?

I love you to the moon and back,