June Goals

Well, putting my May goals up here for the first time in a good while really made me make them happen, or at least mostly. So here's to a great June. A great start to summer. A great last month before Jake. The best.

But first...here's what happened in May...

-Recital, recital, recital. That happened. It left me thoroughly exhausted, so proud of my girls (and guy), and so excited to be a part of something so special. 

-First wedding of the year. And first wedding I shot with my husband helping me. 

-We went to Tweetsie, and had a blast as always.

-Max started playing t-ball and is LOVING it. 

-We toured the hospital where Jake will be born and got some stuff figured out for labor and delivery!

-Nick started a new job! Same place, but much better hours. He's been on a schedule that changes every day, every week, with rotating days off, for over 10 years now. Last week he started a job as delivery manager, which for now means the same schedule every day, and off on the weekends. Life changing. 

And here is what happened with my May goals:

1. Go on a date with my husband. Done. We went to Winston, ate a nice quiet dinner together, then Nick surprised me by taking dinner to a friend of mine that was in the hospital. She was on hospital monitored bedrest right in the middle of the busiest week(s) of dance, and it was killing me to not go see her. He's the best. Not exactly a conventional date night, but absolutely perfect.  

2. Clean my house REALLY good. Honestly, this hasn't happened yet. Our kitchen has been consistently clean for over a week now, and I have caught up on laundry, but I don't think I quite realized how long it was going to take me to catch up on the rest of the house after a crazy several weeks. It will get done. I am putting that on my June list, too...

3. Get a hair cut. Check! My sweet husband also "treated" me to a new hair brush, bobby pins (I have had the same 10-12 since we moved here 2 years ago), and even a curling iron. 

4. Edit everything. I am mostly on track with this one, but not enough to mark it off. I haven't edited my backlog of personal photos, but I think I got the rest done!

5. Rest. I actually did rest. I made myself, but it has been well worth it. I need to do better with this all the time.



1. CELEBRATE 5 YEARS OF MARRIAGE WITH A DATE. 5 years? What?! I made a goal at the beginning of the year to date my husband, and it has been one of my favorite changes this year. It is so very easy to fall into the daily routine and forget where it all started and what the foundation of all that is. I can't wait for our June date night! 

2. TAKE THE BOYS TO SEE THOMAS AT TWEETSIE RAILROAD. Let's see how much fun we can pack into this last full month before Jake comes! We love going to Tweetsie.

3. STAY ON TRACK WITH EDITING. So crucial to my survival right now (and yes, that is a little dramatic). And it's funny how editing has fallen into the nesting category! I have some pretty exciting sessions coming up in June, and I am determined to get all those sessions delivered before we have a baby. It will happen!

4. PACK MY HOSPITAL BAG. Well, we are having a baby next month. I have already been thinking about what to take to the hospital this time around, and I am planning for things to be different. Before the end of this month, I really need to have it all packed and ready to go. 

5. PREPARE MYSELF MENTALLY, EMOTIONALLY, AND SPIRITUALLY FOR JAKE'S LABOR AND ARRIVAL. Third baby = big changes. I know this. And I know I probably won't ever be "ready," not really, but I am going to do as much as I can to get that way, anyways. Like I said up there ^, I am hoping for things to be different this time. I was induced with Max and Drew, and had an epidural. This time, I am going into things with an open mind, but with plans for no epidural. It is so scary to type that. To share that those are my plans so publicly...but I want to share my real life here. This birth plan means actually preparing myself for labor and delivery, not just the part where we have another child in our home. More on this later!

6. CLEAN THE HOUSE. I would probably let you in our house right now if you randomly came and knocked on the door, but I have some work to do. 

7. KEEP MY SANITY. And no, I am not kidding with this one. June is full of t-ball practice and games, mini sessions, appointments with my midwives, plans with family, and so much stuff to do to get ready for baby (are you tired of hearing that yet? whoops.). I am so excited about it all, but still...busy. It is going to be a great month, but still...I need to make sure that I take time to rest and keep it all together. 

What are you doing in June? I would love to hear about it!