a mom of three boys

Yesterday, we went up to Boone for an appointment for Jake as a family. Nick had a random day off in the middle of the week because he has been working the most insane hours for the last 3 weeks, so we decided to make a day of it and have some fun. We spent a good chunk of our afternoon in downtown Blowing Rock, and even went to Mellow Mushroom for lunch.

I took all the boys with me to the bathroom while we were at lunch, with Jake sleeping happily in the sling, and as we were walking out a lady stopped and talked to us. She asked if Jake was a boy, too, and I told her yes, and braced myself for the typical response. It is always "oh you poor thing," and "aren't you going to try for a girl?" As if having three boys is a terrible fate as a mother. As if there is some taboo placed on me in society because of something I don't have...a girl. I am very used to being disappointed in people's reactions to our family, to be honest.

She started..."you have your hands full!" And I started to shake my head and respond, because I hear that at least once every time we leave the house, and it is usually the way for people to say something rude without actually saying something rude (southern life, y'all...bless their hearts).  But before I could, she finished..."What a joy!" with the biggest beaming smile on her face, a genuine one. 

Y'all, she got it. And I could have hugged her. They might be a handful, but it's what my hands were made for. And my gosh, like she said, what a joy. That God would give me these three precious souls, boys, to look after and train up, to teach them that He loves them and how to be good men.  To teach them their manners and how to open doors for ladies. To kiss their booboos when they fall down and hold them when they are sad. To teach them all about how much fun it is to get dirty and then to go through loads of oxiclean and borax and soap to keep them looking presentable.

I can't imagine my life any other way. Sure, some days are difficult and there will always be difficult days...in the toddler days and in the teenaged days...but I think I will just try to focus on the joy of being the momma to these three sweet boys of mine.

My hands may be full, but maybe they should be. These hands of mine are full and busy, doing the work that God has for me right now. It may not be a major mission trip overseas or preaching on a stage to thousands of people...it's not glamorous or fame-worthy. But it is exactly what I am supposed to be doing right now. And that is a joyful thing.