The Brown Family at Home: A Storytelling Session

There's something special about being a momma that makes you just glow, and that's all I could think about as I went through these images of Natasha and Raidyn. People always say it in relation to pregnancy, but I'm convinced it doesn't stop there, at least not if you are loving it. You watch your little ones grow from tiny babies in your arms, to barely fitting in your lap. They become so heavy that it takes all your strength to lift them, but you do it anyway because to feel their feet lifted from the ground, safe in your arms, is one of the most joyful things of motherhood. You look at every golden curl and every freckle and you cherish each and every one. You laugh at how silly they are, and are proud but still cry a little when they do one more thing on their own. It's so very bittersweet. You glow because as a momma? There's so much love that it shows, physically. I'm convinced.

I left Natasha's house that day with a ton of photos on my camera and a heart full to the brim, and I'm so thankful for her story. I'm thankful that I was invited to come a capture it, and I'm really happy to call her a friend now.