2016: Goals

I keep making lists of goals and then throwing them away. Then after a lot of prayer and asking and thinking, I have realized that even though this time of year...the freshness and newness and the blank planner and the motivation it all gives me...even though all of that makes me so happy, my heart is telling me something that is a little different. 

I've been going through Lara Casey's goal setting blog series, and that has been the biggest help! I would highly recommend checking it out, and its definitely not too late! She always says, "There is nothing magical about January!"

For the first time this year, I chose a word. Something that I could focus on and that would just encompass everything that I am working for and towards. 

Small so He can be big. So His glory will shine. Even in the tedious and the every day. 

Small so I can remember who is in control.

Small and humble and honest and real. 

Less stuff, less commitments, less to dos. 

Less of me. More of Jesus. More of the people I love. 

That being said...let's get to the goals.



Pray and have quiet time and listen.

Why? To keep me grounded and small. To know my creator and be able to give Him my all. So that I can be seeking Him in all that I do, and because He is the answer to everything. 

Action ideas: 

-Get up early to spend time with God first thing.

-Pray before everything and about everything. 

-Follow along with She Reads Truth

-Journal about what I am learning and praying about.

-Read You + Me Forever

-Be still sometimes.


Cultivate a happy home.

Why? Because this is our sanctuary. Our place. We should want to be here and we should be thriving here and be comforted in just being here. Because having a home that is a happy one could change a lot of what life is for our family.

Action steps:

-tidy and get rid of the excess

-take 30 minutes every day to turn on some music and just pick up with the whole family

-make dinner earlier and let the boys take a long bath 

-use my Day Designer every day to plan for our family, even little stuff like laundry and when to start cooking dinner

-make a list of what our home needs (actually needs) and make those things happen

-do laundry every day and lay out clothes the night before

-leave more time for getting everyone ready and out the door so we are rushing less and stressing less and using our loud and mean voices less.

-leave time for relaxing and doing nothing together.

-go on dates with my husband and talk to him every single day

-play with my kids

-hold my baby

-meal plan. really.

-put the phone down. really.

-take care of and be good stewards of these blessings

-baby wear as much as possible so there is less crying and I am still getting stuff done that needs to happen.

-develop systems and schedules for our family that work AFTER evaluating what needs to change

-work smart, not hard. 

-plan out work hours and ACTUALLY WORK during them

-don't take work to bed

-pray with and for my family

-teach my kids about Jesus


Cast out fear.

Why? Because I wasn't made to be anxious and worried. It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. There is a quote from the Naptime Diaries Advent devotional, in a writing from Jenna Babbitt that has stuck with me. It says, "The gospel message is that God has already done it all, we simply have to engage in the freedom that has already been established for us." This. We don't have to live in fear. His plans are bigger than ours. We can stop worrying and instead wait expectantly to see what He is going to do next. Cast out fear and just be excited for what He's going to do!

Action steps:

-when I start to feel worried or anxious, pray

-when I start to feel worried or anxious, ask God for help

-when I start to feel worried or anxious, tell my husband

-use lavender

-spend time every day writing in my thankful journal and remembering what is good

-encourage someone daily

-stop comparing myself to others...other moms, other wives, other creatives. Instead of comparing myself, compliment or encourage them!

-have Nick hold me accountable to this. plus a few friends. 

-take time for down time

What are you up to this year? How can I pray for you or encourage you? I am so ready to start this year fresh and small, and I can't wait to see what God is going to do. I'm so glad to have room in my plans for what HE will do.