The Minton Family at Home

The missing microwave in the kitchen because they just moved in to this home they loved, the way Beckam hid from me by burying his face in his Dad's chest, and the pure, real laughter from all three of them as they played on their deck in the cool November air. I will not ever forget it, not in a million years, and I am sure they won't either. The kitchen smelled like fresh sliced oranges (the snack of choice) and the hot french press that Adam and Casey shared. The afternoon sun poured through the windows all warm, even though it was chilly outside, and they talked about going to visit Santa that evening. You could just feel the excitement...sharing a life together in this home, one they would slowly make perfectly theirs over the years...that's definitely something to be happy about, and you could tell they were just soaking in these minutes and moments and memories. I am so thankful to have spent an afternoon with the Mintons.