Drew Bear is Three

Today, Drew turned three years old. We had a fun day together that started with cinnamon rolls and ended with chocolate chip cookie cake, and I think he loved it. I can't believe my little Drew Bear is three. 

Facts about Drew:

1. If you ask him what his name is, he will say "Drewbeartatebrown" so fast that you won't understand him.

2. He is convinced that his name is really Drew Bear and we all refer to him as that all the time.

3. He loves Mickey Mouse. Obsessed might be an understatement.

4. He is the only boy in his class at preschool, and he refers to the girls as "my girls."

5. He is quiet and sweet, but will absolutely surprise you with a little wild streak he has.

6. He is cautious, but brave.

7. He is very unsure of new people, and usually hides in the stroller when we are in crowds.

8. He can't say Jake or Max. It's "Dake" and "Bax."

9. He loves to eat. His favorite foods are cereal, pizza, and any kind of fruit, but he also loves all sorts of things that would surprise you. He ate plain kale at my moms one day, for example. And he has cried when I made him stop eating tomato slices. 

10. He is an all or nothing kid. 

11. He prefers his apple juice watered down 50:50

12. He falls asleep at the dinner table on the regular, and we almost never have to make him go to bed. He loves sleep.

13. He would wear pajamas all day every day if we would let him. And a piece of a costume. Lately, the dragon hood has been a favorite.

14. He loves to be at home. 

15. He is Daddy's boy. They sit together at every meal and Drew requests Daddy to take care of him all the time. It is the sweetest.