The Deal Family || A Session at Home

Just a few weeks before they moved, I was able to visit the Deal family at their home to help create some memories of this special place for them. This home was Dustin's grandmothers, and the home that he and Whitney brought both their babies home to. I know there are a million memories tied up in those walls. One of the bedrooms served as Whitney's studio, a place she made beautiful wedding dresses and countless other creations, before turning it into a nursery. There were new babies and first steps, hands held, halls walked, cakes baked and suppers made. It was home. 

Now they have said goodbye to this sweet old place, and I am sure their new home will house a ton of other memories. I'm really glad and really thankful that I got to experience a little of home with them and one last batch of Saturday morning biscuits before they packed up boxes and closed the doors. 

** Whitney is a super talented seamstress, and you can find her sewing patterns here!

I would love to come photograph your family at home! Let's talk about it!