May Goals

Ok, so I didn't do this in April. I also finished out April feeling a little weird, a lot tired, not super focused, and not very ready for May or summer or...anything. I started a photo a day project in January, and fell off the wagon in April after taking a photo a day for 95 days. My kids have been sick for about a week now. My house is a wreck, and that is becoming a little too normal. So, May, it is time for a refocus, a little more rest, and just sort of hitting the restart button on the goals I set for myself for this year. Grace, y'all. 

1. Purge. Clean out. Donate. Let go. 

2. Finish painting our house.

3. Commit to work hours. Commit to resting and fun hours.

4. Go camping with my guys. 

5. Start a new personal photo project. I am not sure what yet, but it's happening. 

What do you have going on this month?