A Good Summer: Week 1

This is the first week in a series of posts from our summer. And this is why:

 I have spent most of my adult life so far hating summer and spending it just wishing for the next season. This year, I feel God saying, really clearly, to stop all of that hating summer stuff and to use this time to soak in what He has so graciously given to us in THIS season. I have been feeling so convicted lately...of not thriving where I am, but instead just constantly looking to what is next, what is better, so now is the time for changing that. I am going to photograph my way through the summer and post when I can and make up my own rules (I said I was going to start a new photo project in May...and this is it!) and love every little second of it. Join me? 

Come to the water, all who are thirsty, come and drink.

Come to the table, all who are hungry, come and feast.

Those who are weary, those who are needy, come recieve.

Come to the river, come to the river, taste and see.

Oh, oh my soul thirsts for You, You alone.

I will taste and see that You are good, good to me.