A Good Summer: Weeks 2 + 3

So, I didn't take quite as many photos over the last 2 weeks as I had hoped. Oops. Here's whats we've been up to:

  • Nick and I went to a friend's wedding and had a blast. We got all dressed up, I even wore lipstick and heels (big deal, y'all), and we danced the night away. 
  • I turned 28! 
  • Jake started walking.
  • We ate Mexican food. Several times! Nick has decided he loves Tapatio and will make any excuse to eat it!
  • Max had a weird fever only thing.
  • We ate a ton of ice cream!
  • We spent 5 or so nights a week at the baseball field.
  • The boys have been outside more often that not.
  • Nick had the stomach bug.
  • I had a great play date with the local Thrive Moms group that I lead (let me know if you want to be a part of that!)
  • Our tomatoes started looking really good! 
  • T-ball with the rec department finished up.
  • The rest of us had the stomach bug. 
  • We celebrated our 6th anniversary on Saturday with me being sick. Nick made sure I got to take a really long nap, brought home a sweet gift, and once I was feeling better we ate Bojangles and watched the Goonies. I think I'll keep him.