The Keener Family || A Storytelling Session at Home

I spent a Sunday afternoon with the Keeners a few weeks ago, and they had so much fun playing in their back yard. Everyone was so happy to be together, the weather was perfect, and it was just a great day.  

I was so sad to hear that their house caught on fire a couple of weeks ago, destroying their basement, kitchen, and living area, and covering the rest of their home in a thick layer of soot. I'm thankful they were able to make it out safely, and that their home wasn't a total loss. They weren't able to keep anything plastic from the house, which included a lot of their children's toys from years and years ago that I am sure were important to them, and they are now having to stay elsewhere while their home is repaired over the next several months. I can't imagine the loss they are experiencing even as things are. Join me in praying for them?