how the wreath on my door is a reminder of grace

Our house is only partially painted. It is on our to-do list to finish it this fall, and I can't wait. The brown-ish colored trim is actually supposed to be white. Our doors are supposed to be gray, and I have only painted the inside of them (and I haven't scraped the paint off the windows yet). I took all the frames off the wall in our dining room with plans to rearrange them, but then I decided we should probably just paint the kitchen before I waste time putting them back up. There are always dishes in my sink, and there's usually laundry to be folded on my kitchen table. I am always saying things like "Hey, let's have this get together when we finish such and such a project" or "I'm going to have her over for coffee when the weather is cool enough to drink something warm." 

All this hospitality stuff and creating a home stuff has been on my heart that what God intends for us? To only open our doors and have people over when everything is perfect? What is that doing for the Kingdom? We are called to open our doors, to extend the love of Jesus to our neighbors. That doesn't mean our homes have to be perfect. But as women, as daughters of Christ, we can be so hard on ourselves about this. We know that the home is, in many ways, our place of work. It is our job to take a house and create a home. We do a lot of the cooking and cleaning and decorating. We are the ones who dress the children and tend to everyone's needs a lot of the time. The home is our mission field! But let's not forget that as obedient daughters, we should also be abiding in Him and resting. We should be trying our best, but never forgetting about grace, either. Our home is to be a sanctuary for our family, but it is a gift, and I know I should hold it with open hands and with an open door. 

Our homes and our hearts will always be a work in progress, and we should be holding ourselves to a standard of GRACE instead of perfection. That's what the wreath on my needs-to-be-painted door reminds me of. It's making things better, even in the unfinished mess. 

So next week, I am hosting a recipe exchange for my Thrive Moms local group, and I think it is going to be great. Hopefully my door will be painted, but if's ok.