September Goals

"Focus on little by little progress, not perfection." 

That's what my Powersheets say across the bottom of the tending list. And that is something I am so thankful for! Grace on grace on grace, y'all. 

My Powersheets from August are certainly not perfectly checked off, and I still have some work to do. I even moved some of those things over to the next month because they just did not happen, but God has laid these things on my heart, so I know they need tending to. I am so glad to see that there are quite a few check marks on those Powersheets!

And here are my September goals! 


  1. budget with my husband
  2. go to Tweetsie
  3. paint the house
  4. go on a date night
  5. book all October mini sessions
  6. purge and clean out everything 
  7. spend time in community
  8. host a recipe exchange momma meet-up without stressing out


  1. exercise 3 times a week
  2. clean on Fridays- kitchen and bathroom
  3. plan meals and schedules on Sundays
  4. schedule two blog posts
  5. memorize a Bible verse
  6. encourage someone with Truth


  1. Bible time and prayer
  2. put laundry away
  3. phone down 3-7pm
  4. get up at 5:30
  5. clean the kitchen
  6. read to the boys
  7. thankful journal

Hopefully I will be sharing more about these goals as the month goes on, but for now, there's the list! I am so excited about September.