The Connell Family at Home

In July, we traveled to Maryland for a little photography road trip, and I was thrilled to make a pitstop in Richmond to visit with Kidder and take some photos of her with her little guys. I have known Kidder online for a while, thanks to my dear sister in law and brother. But I don't think I was even a little bit prepared for what a blessing it would be to meet her in person. 

Kidder is a talented wedding photographer, and she's a wonderful mother to William and his two little brothers (yes! twins!) that are expected around Thanksgiving. But the thing that stands out to me most about Kidder is her heart for Christ. She knows she's strong in Him alone. She loves and trusts the Lord, and she is living her life, faithfully following what she knows to be Truth. The Gospel flows freely through her words and her actions.

Kidder reminded me that day that God didn't promise us an easy life, but that because of Him, because of the freedom He purchased for us on the cross, that we can choose joy even in trials. 

My time with the Connell family was life giving, and I am so thankful for them.