October Goals

I know we have already talked about how much I love fall (it is truly my favorite), and also how much fall can be overwhelming for photographers. It is THE season to have your photos taken. My weekends are almost completely booked now through Christmas (so if you are thinking about booking something for Christmas, now is definitely the time to get in touch!), and I am so thankful, but I also know that means I have to be extra intentional about every other part of my life. So, in October, I am keeping the goals simple, small, and...intentional. 



  1. go on a date
  2. schedule sitters through November (we have never had to hire sitters, but this time it is looking like we are going to have to)
  3. plan our family photo session
  4. take Max to the Ghost Train at Tweetsie
  5. white wash the brick (yeah, this one doesn't fit the bill of "simple"...but in the busy months, I need a project outside of photography. And yes, I know that doesn't make a lot of sense)
  6. finish booking through December 2017


  1. social media free weekends
  2. schedule intentional rest times
  3. plan clothes and meals for the week on Sunday evenings
  4. deliver sessions within one week (helping me stay on top of work with early deliveries!)
  5. do something fun with the boys


  1. get up at 5:00am, read Bible and pray
  2. no phone 4-8pm (if I am honest this one is probably the hardest)
  3. take a photo a day
  4. make the beds
  5. listen to a podcast and tidy up
  6. real life Bible stuff with the boys (this basically means applying the Bible with them each day in real life circumstances. We will all learn from this!)

I am so excited to see what fruit comes from this month!