Drew is FOUR

Our Drew Bear is four today. How does that happen so fast?

Things I want to remember:

You love red and blue the best. You still hate hair cuts, but you also hate your hair being long. You are the only boy in our house that has to be literally drug out of bed every morning and I love it (at least while I can still carry you). You would play in the sandbox for hours every day if you could. Sometimes you do. When you are excited or a little nervous you talk really fast. You say hilarious things all the time. I asked you a while back when we were in a store where your manners were. You told me you left them back on another row. Boots or crocs. Almost every day. Apples are your favorite thing to eat. You love Batman, Rescue Bots, and Mickey Mouse. You are kind and giving and sweet as pie. But you are definitely a little spicy too ;) You are stubborn, just like your Daddy. But I know that means you will be a man who is strong and determined one day. You say your brothers are your very best friends, and you are right. When we pick up your friend from school, you open the door for her and help her buckle her seatbelt, and it is the absolute sweetest thing ever. You say the blessing every meal, even if someone else already did. Your smirk is my favorite. And I love you to the moon and back.