May Goals

I almost wrote "April Goals" in the title box, if that tells y'all anything about how April went over here. BUT I am so excited for a new month and new goals. It's going to be a good one, ok? 

When I try, I fail. When I trust, He succeeds.
— Corrie Ten Boom


  1. Do the Nancy Ray Contentment Challenge
  2. Date my husband
  3. Read "The Celebration of Discipline"
  4. Buy a swim suit (the only thing I am allowing myself to buy per the contentment challenge I talked about up there ^
  5. Plant some things with Granny
  6. No expectations for Mother's Day (anybody else?)
  7. Closet clean out (Contentment Challenge again, y'all)
  8. Use Postable to create more meaningful relationships instead of Facebook (thanks for this idea, Kidder!)


  1. Prayer and gratitude journaling
  2. Body Pump and Body Flow classes at the YMCA
  3. Plan social media
  4. Schedule blog posts


  1. Read the Bible
  2. Work 2 hours maximum (excludes shoot time)
  3. Dishes- do 'em
  4. Put laundry away
  5. Tend the garden (plant obsessed over here lately)
  6. Rise early- 5:30am
  7. Pray for Nick and our marriage