June Goals

Y'all, I actually feel okay about my goals for May. For once! I actually did most of them or at least gave them a good effort. I completed my first month of the Nancy Ray Contentment Challenge (which I highly recommend, even though it is way harder than I expected), bought a swim suit, planted flowers from my Granny's garden, went to the gym three days a week (even though my goal was to go twice, consistently), and really dug into my Bible. I am okay with not finishing them all...because I made progress. And progress is good! 

June Goals


  • Nancy Ray Contentment Challenge, month 2 of 3
  • study prayer 
  • date my husband
  • enjoy our beach trip
  • finish reading "The Celebration of Discipline"
  • budget with Nick
  • clear the clutter
  • pay car taxes/tag/inspection
  • go to Tweetsie!
  • create and use a work space


  • find a way to serve our community
  • plan meals and do the shopping
  • YMCA: body pump, body flow, and cycle
  • slower Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • photograph my boys AND edit those photos


  • read my Bible
  • pray for others with intention
  • no make up, just skin care and a little mascara (time saving, y'all)
  • work 2 hours or less 
  • put AWAY the laundry
  • dress for the day

I am so excited about June and having my boys home with me every day, soaking up summer with them. But I know good and well that I have to be intentional every day or these summer days are going to slip right through my fingers. Specific goals for a fruitful start to summer is the only way to go for me. 

What are your goals for June? What are you up to this summer?