The Garrett Family: At the Beach

We took a short trip to Ocean Isle a few weeks ago, and thankfully it is just a short drive from my friend Mandy's new home. They moved there a few months ago, and I was so excited to see them and take their family's pictures. Mandy has been such a constant source of encouragement to me over the last few years, and she always has just the right words to say exactly when I need to hear them. She lives her life chasing after what Jesus has for her, and the joy she finds there just makes me want to chase after Him harder. I have seen her walk through hard places, but she rests in knowing that her God is a faithful one. It was so refreshing for me to spend some time with her on the beach last month, seeing first hand that she and her family are living out their calling and trusting the Lord as he leads, even though we miss them back home like crazy. 

"You go where you're sent and stay where you're put and give what you've got."

Jill Briscoe