The Dowell Family

When the Dowell family signed up for the mini sessions I hosted a few weeks ago, I was so excited. This sweet family goes to church with us, and I love these girls. They are so good to my boys and always go out of their way to speak to them and give them a hug...and my boys adore them in return, of course. 

I don't get to photograph families with older children often, but I love it. As I was editing their photos, I kept getting teary. I know they will cherish these. And all I could think about is how much I can see Jesus in each one of their beaming faces, the beauty of the Holy Spirit. I cant wait to see these girls change the world one day...maybe in their jobs, on a stage as they lead worship, or on a mission trip, but I would be willing to bet that because of the example of their parents, that it's going to start in their homes. 


Mini sessions like this one are available through the summer! Let me know if you'd like to schedule one!