September Goals

I am so excited for September. We spent what seemed like most of summer being busy, but resting pretty intentionally, too. I loved every minute that summer had to offer. But now I'm ready for cooler weather paired with warm light and fall routines and cozy evenings at home. I feel like a lot of my goals got pushed to the back burner over summer because I was trying to do more than I should have been trying to do. Going from having the boys in school to being home all day every day in the summer months is something that is going to take some getting used to on my part. Maybe next year I will get the hang of it ;) 

This month? It's all about fall. I know it's not fall yet (even though I am totally buying some pumpkin at the grocery store this week...sorry y'all). But I need to be setting things into motion to thrive in my favorite season that also happens to be the busiest season of the year for my business.

 From our Beaufort, NC trip last week. Love this place so much. 

From our Beaufort, NC trip last week. Love this place so much. 


  • find, buy and start a Bible study
  • go on a date!
  • go to Tweetsie
  • develop a rhythm that works for fall
  • white wash the brick parts of our house
  • host a fun Norwex party
  • de-clutter and organize our home (for real this time)
  • make our home cozy


  • go to the YMCA three times
  • meal plan and grocery shop (trying to make habits out of this)
  • eat at home 6 nights a week
  • deliver sessions EARLY
  • bake something delicious
  • take and edit personal photos


  • wake up at 6:00am
  • clean the kitchen
  • tidy the house before supper
  • phone down 4-8pm
  • read to the boys
  • find JOY in the daily stuff (no complaining)

I'm so excited about September!